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The first thing to do is to locate the most geographically relevant Craigslist subdomain that is closest to your neighborhood. Just because you may be selling most of your products online, it doesn’t mean you can post on every Craigslist subdomain there is. If you navigate to the Craigslist homepage, you will see a list of cities (or counties) sorted by state or province. Click on the most relevant city, and on the next page you will see a heading that says “for sale” right in the middle of the page.Click on “for sale” and you will be brought to a page that lists everything that is for sale in your city.There are plenty of solutions for selling locally before you set up a brick and mortar store, such as: Since Craigslist is such a wonderful, almost-too-good-to-be-true marketplace, you should really respect their rules so you can keep conducting business on Craigslist.Naturally, since Craigslist provides free listings to just about anyone, most business people will see that this is as a source for infinite return on investment.This amounts to more than 1 billion online buyers and is projected to continuously grow. e Commerce is a huge industry and opportunities in mobile-first platforms is even higher.According to an IBM report, mobile accounted for 45% of all online traffic during the 2014 holiday season, and online sales from mobile devices accounted for 22.6% of the total.The social currency one receives from meeting the founder of a business usually travels a lot farther than does a social media relationship.

You can post stuff that you are giving away for free in the free category under the “for sale” section.

Not only are you competing against all the other matchmakers out there, but dating sites are hotbeds for fraud and chargebacks.

Many customers request chargebacks due to remorse or unrealistic expectations.

They will try to spam or “carpet-post” on this service to milk as much business as possible.

Of course this has caused the Craigslist team to be incredibly tough on spammers or people who try to take advantage of their marketplace.

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