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I didn’t talk to a lawyer; my comment was based off of the two lawyers who you quoted in your blog post.

They decided to “reevaluate the situation,” and it was basically swept under the rug.

I’m not sure how they planned to enforce it, but one woman who is very well liked announced that her dog had a skin condition that meant it couldn’t be washed often.

HR told her that the dog couldn’t be in the office for “medical reasons,” and EVERYONE blamed me.

One day I was in a bathroom stall, and I heard my boss and two other coworkers enter.

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I reported what my boss had said and named the people who were also in the bathroom.When she tried to deny it, I told her I had a witness willing to corroborate everything and she then claimed that I was taking her words “out of context.” At this point, HR and the lawyer asked her to leave the room.I told them that if there were any issue with my paycheck or backlash against me (including defamation), I would bring a lawsuit.My close friend (and one of my only supporters) was also in the bathroom and agreed that if needed, she would testify on record about overhearing that conversation.I did mention in the comments that my mother was terminal, which is why I didn’t feel I could move to another city with more job opportunities.

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