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CONTACTLESS PAYMENTSWith Mobilní banka application you can pay as easy as with contactless payment card (application for "Moje Mobilní karta" is required; Android 4.4 or newer NFC is mandatory) CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS BALANCE EASILYAlways know how much money you have in your accounts, the value of your investments or an overview of your loans.

You get a complete overview of all your payments and account transactions.

Banka IN Mobile allows you to use your time to the fullest, as now you can take care of most of your banking needs from home, work or on the road abroad.

The service offers you Application Tatra banka VIAMO allows you to send money via cell phone directly on Slovak phone number.

FIND CONTACTS LISTIn the application you have important phone contacts available, e.g.

for blocking a payment card or helpline as well as contacts of your bank advisor and your branch.

The address and opening hours are provided for each point of interest.

You can search Freedom and time for leisure are increasingly valued in today's world.

The application KB - Mobilni Banka is a direct banking service from Komerční Banka that gives you a user-friendly way to manage your bank accounts directly from your smartphone.

There are allegations that role of Joshi was crucial role in this acquisition," said the source.

The agency recently conducted raids at IEML in Greater Noida and have recovered certain documents in this regard.

To learn more about the impact the service can have, listen to Jaroslava, Vanessa and Ying’s stories.

All of the accounts are from women who are now safe and moving forward with their lives.

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