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I expected a more envelopping and creamy blast as a whole. It took me over a year to wrap my nose around it and fully understand it.Having gone back and forth between complete disgust and absolute adoration, I’ve settled on the latter.And today there is Coco Noir, a great nocturnal Baroque.Another journey in the wake of a Gabrielle who fully embraced the dazzle of black and Venice, incorporating them not only into her creations but into her life.All other Chanels work great and are the most balanced masterpieces out there. last week I bought some new perfumes and this was one of them.

Determined, headstrong, demanding, yet somehow still demure and sensitive.

The black, the gold and the Chanel logotype is just so aesthetically pleasing to me, and will be the figurehead of any respected vanity. Forget 9-5, this doesn't even make it to the lunch hour!

Anyways, this is my absolute favourite from the Coco fragrances, and I think it's because the lemon balances out the patchouli in this perfectly. Barely lasts 3 4 hours on my skin (and clothes) and I'm being generous. I purchased a small bottle of 35ml and honestly, I can 't smell it, it is undetectable on my skin.

It brings to mind a night stroll by the Seine, in November, a quiet chilly late Fall weekday. To the last two reviewers who have longevity issues: in my opinion Coco Noir smells extremely similar to Chance by Chanel but Chance lasts longer.

When nothing huge happens but you are in Paris, and that’s enough. So when you attach the "Noir" to the Coco Chanel name I'm expecting a fragrance that is darker, richer and deeper, as is suggestive of the name. I would have enjoyed a dark spicey rose, patchouli gourmand type of fragrance, sadly this is more of a gray shadow, a lighter version of Coco. This fragrance is a shadow to Coco rather than noir, should have named it Coco Ombre. The initial spray is different but the dry down is pretty close.

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