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All charges are in Centre County, Pennsylvania, where Buell was last known to be living. 18 in Florence County, South Carolina, the state where he grew up.

Buell's role in "Paranormal State" involved looking for ghosts or trying to prove that life after death is real.

A private Facebook group has emerged offering support to those who paid money for tours, classes, or DVDs created by Buell, but who did not receive services or goods in exchange for their money.

Even Buell’s own Facebook page has a long list of comments complaining about unfulfilled promises of refunds from the Paranormal Research Society.

Ryan Buell spent his most famous days as a young man chasing ghostly images and disappearing and reappearing demons.

Now his fans say they are chasing down money spent on Buell’s paranormal events that never happened.

Ryan Daniel Buell, 34, is facing two felony charges related to theft and stolen property.

Buell had started a tour called "Conversations with the Dead Tour." Tickets were sold to shows in cities across the U. and Canada, but the shows got postponed and then canceled, leaving fans with no answers and looking for refunds.

He doesn't really spell it out, but the implication is that he is quitting PRS.

held a Twitter chat with his 52,000 followers and addressed his health.

Asked if he was making progress, the paranormal investigator replied, “still have a ways to go but I am surprising docs w/ how well I’m recovering, apparently.” Another follower inquired about the best thing that’s ever happened to Buell.

“Hopefully,” he wrote, “getting to say I’m cancer free by Christmas!

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